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What Is Nitro Brew Coffee?

Word association game time: what do you think of when you hear the words “nitro brew”? For most people, your first instinct was probably beer, maybe even Guinness specifically, with a foamy waterfall of tiny bubbles cascading from a tap to settle smoothly on a brew. And if you’re a huge fan of that texture, …

How to make a pumpkin spice latte at home
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How to Make a Latte at Home

Having a latte seems like a decadent treat – the foam, the sugary syrups, and of course, the north-of-$5 price tag. But your barista won’t tell you this: there’s a way to make your favorite coffee concoction at home. Even better? It doesn’t require a fancy espresso machine. (But if you have one, hey, lucky …

How to make bulletproof coffee for your vaccum insulated stainless steel travel mug
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How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for a way to one-up your coffee, whether it’s an extra shot of espresso or improving your drip brew. Well, we have something that’s guaranteed to make your caffeine-senses tingle: Bulletproof coffee. Created by Dave Asprey, Bulletproof coffee combines regular coffee with coconut oil (or MCT oil) and …

How to make AeroPress coffee for your stainless steel travel mug
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How to Use an AeroPress

We’re always exploring new ways to fill our stainless steel travel mugs with superior coffee brews. We’ve tried the French Press, cold brew, and the good old-fashioned drip brew. Next on our list? The AeroPress, a coffee-brewing device invented by Alan Adler in 2005. What is an AeroPress? Glad you asked! The AeroPress is a …

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What’s Better for You- Tea or Coffee?

Take a quick lap around our office and you’ll see a few industrial-sized single-serve coffee brewers; the occasional French press or cold brew drip set up; and of course, vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mugs decorating every desk in various states of fill and refill. It’s clear that we’re a coffee-centric office, but in recent …

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Breaking Down the Caf Nap

Around 2pm, a subtle change comes over the office here. Eyes glaze over, brains get a little fuzzy, and we all slouch down in our seats a little bit. It’s the dreaded post-lunch slump, and we typically remedy it by making a quick French press in the office and enjoying our afternoon dose in our …