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What Is A Water Sommelier?

You’ve heard of a wine sommelier, whose job it is to know everything about wine, from tasting to pairing to serving. You might even know the equivalent for beer is a Master Cicerone. But chances are, you’re unaware that the same distinction exists for spring and mineral water — and that there’s only one water …

Why drinking water is good for your skin
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Why Drinking Water Is So Good for Your Skin

From supermodels to Jennifer Aniston, nearly every celebrity you see credits their flawless skin to drinking tons of water from chic reusable glass water bottles. TBH, we’re pretty sure Photoshop also plays a forgiving role in this, but nevertheless, water does have a positive impact on your skin — especially as we enter the winter …

The best water filters for your home fridge, so you can fill your reusable glass water bottle
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The Best Water Filters for Your Home

We know how easy it is to fall victim to the siren song of the descriptive adjectives on bottled water: “natural mineral water,” “glacial,” “crisp, clean, taste,” and “purified,” just to name a few. And of course you want your water to taste like it was taken straight from a glacier in Iceland that’s never …

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Hydration Tips for Marathoners

On Sunday, October 9th, around 40,000 runners will take the streets of downtown Chicago to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Others, like this particular blog writer, will be cheering from the side. As any runner will tell you, staying hydrated is an essential part of any long run (especially when most of your …

How to keep your kids hydrated with reusable kids water bottles
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How to Keep Your Kids Hydrated All Day

As much as you may like to, it’s pretty much impossible to trail your kid all day and make sure they’re getting enough water. But just like adults, kids get distracted easily and forget to drink water until they’re thirsty — at which point they’re already dehydrated. Luckily, we have some sneaky parent strategies to …

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Breaking Down “Super Waters”

Ah, the good old days, when you were a kid and the only type of water you had to choose from was the kind from the kitchen sink or the playground water fountain (or, if you’re this pup, in the kiddie pool in your backyard). Now, grocery stores boast dozens of varieties of bottled water, …

Healthy swaps for sugary drinks using a fruit infuser water bottle
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Our Favorite Fruit Infusion Recipes

Now that August has hit and it’s hotter than ever, we’re being extra careful to stay hydrated in the office, at the gym, and during outdoor adventures. Luckily, we’ve got a few fruit infuser water bottles on hand that make hydrating a lot more exciting (not to mention, even more healthy). We’re sharing a few …