Healthy swaps for sugary drinks using a fruit infuser water bottle
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4 Healthy Swaps for Sugary Drinks

If you’re looking to make a small but impactful change to benefit your health in 2017, you might start by examining what you drink on a daily basis. A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that on average, Americans drink around 400 calories per day, with about 37% of those calories coming …

Contigo holiday gift guide
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Contigo Holiday Gift Guide

You’ve made your list and you’ve checked it twice. Now all that’s left is, you know, the actual shopping. We’re making your holiday shopping as quick and painless as possible by matching up our most giftable items with everyone on your list. Just call us the jolliest bunch of elves this side of the nuthouse. …

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The Five Sweatiest Workouts

Looking to break a sweat? When you’re getting in shape, nothing beats a good old-fashioned sweat fest. But you don’t need to run on a treadmill for hours on end to get a sweaty workout. Here are our picks for the workouts that will have you sweating in no time. Pickup Sports Ready for a …

Gift ideas for your boss
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5 Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Okay, so National Boss’s Day isn’t as highly anticipated as Christmas, and it’s not as fun-filled as Fourth of July. But if you remember it and show up with a small token of appreciation for your boss on October 17, you’ll stand out from the rest of your co-workers and maybe get a little extra …

Football tailgate using a stainless steel tumbler
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How to Tailgate Like a Pro

Whether you’re a die-hard *insert team name here* fan or just a social butterfly down for the party, football season is a great time to gather your friends and spend a day eating, drinking, and tossing around the pigskin. But, planning a tailgate is not for the faint of heart; you can’t just show up …