How buying a BPA-free reusable glass water bottle can help the fight against gyres
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Gyres 101

Ever heard of a gyre? If not, we’ve got your back. A gyre is a naturally occurring vortex of wind and ocean currents that creates a whirlpool effect, trapping everything within those currents in an endless cycle of literal motion in the ocean. Currently, there are five major ocean gyres, including one (the North Pacific …

How toclean your BPA-free water bottles
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How to Clean Reusable Water Bottles

You love your reusable water bottle, but maybe it’s not dishwasher-safe, or only the lid is dishwasher-safe, or maybe your apartment still doesn’t have a dishwasher. No sweat — cleaning your water bottle is easy once you know what you’re doing. Seeing as how we’re the experts in all things water bottles, we figured we’d …