How Contigo kids water bottles are spill-proof and leak-proof
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How Our Kids Products Are Spill-Proof AND Leak-Proof

If you’re a parent, a babysitter, or have even just been around kids for more than five minutes, you know that spills are inevitable. As well-meaning as they may be, kids tend to have heavy hands and flailing elbows, meaning no regular cup is safe on any type of surface.

At the same time, a lot of kids stubbornly protest against anything that looks like a sippy cup, calling it “too babyish” for their big kid status. Parents are caught in a dilemma: give them a big kids cup and wait for the inevitable spill, or give them a sippy cup and endure complaints and tantrums?

How our kids water bottles are spill-proof and leak-proof

Contigo engineers put their minds to work and figured it out. The compromise? Kids water bottles that are both spill-proof and leak-proof, and that don’t look babyish in the slightest. They’re the perfect trainer cups until you have full confidence in regular cups at the dinner table.

You might have noticed we said spill-proof and leak-proof back there — and nope, that wasn’t a typo. Similar to our adult AUTOSEAL® products, which are also both spill-proof and leak-proof, our kids products protect parents against spilling accidents and any careless leaks.

What’s different, however, is that our kids AUTOSPOUT® products are leak-proof as well, straw and spout included. That means that even if your kid’s AUTSPOUT Gizmo Flip is open and they’re dangling it upside-down, without a care in the world, your brand new carpet is still protected.

How’d we do it? Simple. We engineered our kids AUTOSPOUT products with a spill-proof valve on the straw. This safety valve prevents liquid from leaking up into the straw and spilling out through the spout when it’s on its side or upside down. If your kids prefer drinking out of straws, the AUTOSPOUT kids water bottles are perfect for both you and your kids!

Parenting is a messy enough job already. Your daily life is filled with ketchup splotches, grass stains, and muddy footprints. Let Contigo your life a little bit cleaner and a lot more fun with their spill-proof kids water bottles.




  1. Hello, I bought a contigo coffee mug 3 months ago and is leaking, I believe is the seal in the lock. There’s anyway, I can get it fix? Also, I have another one. On of the old ones and that needs the lid seal.


    1. Hi Roberto,
      Happy to help! Contact our customer service team here: They’ll take care of you!


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